You Is kind. Show It. 😘

You Is kind. Show It. 😘

What is the difference between nice and kind?


KIND is the voice or action of the heart.


NICE is baseline behavior for positive human interaction.


Lately I have seen a lot about being kind.


You know me, my mind goes straight analytical … or philosophical … or cray-cray whatever you decide it is, and I start trying to punch holes through the word to see what it’s really made of.


What is the difference between nice and kind?


I posted the question on my Instagram and wanted to share the answers with you in case you missed it…


  • Nice is an action performed and kind is an emotion performed.
  • Kind is more sincere.
  • Nice is self-focused- rooted in fear. Kind is rooted in love, “others” focused.
  • Nice is a choice, kind is what you have been taught.
  • Nice is agreeing or pleasing and think of kind as a feeling or action.
  • Nice is surface level politeness.
  • Kind is action from the heart.
  • Nice is polite. Kind is empathy.


So. I compiled the essence of the answers and wrote my own definition:

Kind is the voice or action of the heart

Nice is baseline behavior for positive human interaction.


What are your thoughts on this? Do you have anything to add or take away?


Lately I’ve seen a lot about being nice, but maybe not so much about true kindness. Or shall I say, true “others” thinking. It seems, from my perspective at least, people are much more willing to police each other’s actions and opinions on social media and the like. It’s killing me, because I know the effects of a negative comment on social media. It sticks with me all day, even if I’ve done “nothing” wrong. Please tell me I am not the only one. And you don’t even want to go near me if I have upset someone I care about, I literally cannot function until it’s resolved.


What can we do to spread kindness?


  1. Make something for someone and drop it off on their doorstep. Like cookies. Or a handwritten letter. A painting. A poem. A friendship bracelet. Who cares what it looks like, you never know what you will start until you start it.
  2. Pick flowers out of your yard and bring them to your neighbor.
  3. Make eye contact and smile. Ask people how they are, but mean it. Most importantly, laugh.
  4. Stay off social until you can contribute something uplifting and worthy of bringing positive energy into their world.
  5.  Do you need another idea? These are awesome. Just go do one or all. The best part about it is we don’t have to tell anyone we did anything. We can be like little secret kindness elves.

Air hugs,