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Hilarious, humiliating, and humbling stories from a fellow mom who gets it.

Do you ever wish someone would just look you in the eyes and say, “You’re right. That does suck.”
Courtney knows how it feels to battle mom guilt, be the “only” parent in the room who’s failing, and wonder if she’ll ever master motherhood.

That’s why she’s embarked on the journey to find her Mom-Dentity™: a game plan for finding the mom God created you to be in the worst, most chaotic, and funniest parts of your life. Courtney’s also a broadcaster (NewsChannel5 Nashville, WBKO Bowling Green), podcaster (GBC Podcast), Crossfit Instructor, and regular contributor to NewsChannel5 Nashville’s “Let Me Help.”

Book Courtney to speak at your next retreat, conference, or event and witness the relatable, challenging, and perspective-shifting truth in her spiritual encouragement tailored just for moms.

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What to Expect from Courtney

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Positivity ≠ Perfection

Discover a positive, uplifting look at motherhood that doesn’t fake it or fudge it—where brutal honesty and grace can coexist.

Support on the motherhood journey

Real-life, unfiltered moments of compassion and commiseration from a mom willing to meet you where you are.

Inspiration for the mom God created you to be

Re-discover your identity, re-build your confidence, and remind yourself who you are as a mom, woman, and child of God.

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