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Let’s gear up.


Hi! I’m Mom-Mindset coach Courtney Wise.

Mom-Dentity™ is a game plan for finding the mom God created you to be in the worst, most chaotic, and funniest parts of your life.

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I’m Courtney

Before you were a mom, how did you picture motherhood?

Graceful, magical, full of snuggles, laughter, and the occasional runny nose?

Before I embarked on my version of motherhood, I was the “have it all together” person.

I didn’t have kids. I didn’t have to take care of anyone but me-I figured I’d just glide seamlessly into being a mom, picking up the “important” parts along the way.

Are you laughing at me right now? Because I’m laughing at me.

When I had my kids, I stopped recognizing myself. Who was this person who could no longer make dinner without burning it or had forgotten entirely that some small person under my care needed to be somewhere?

Suddenly my life felt more like a battle than the bliss promised to me after having my first baby.

We know that motherhood is anything but predictable.

So how do we do it-be present for our kids, be mindful for ourselves, and navigate the hard times while appreciating the incredible ones?

It’s time for a Motherhood Mindset Shift.


There’s good news, mom.

Put down the mom guilt and pick up a new perspective-one filled with capturing the fruit of the Spirit in sucky situations, strengthening your faith in the aftermath of a toddler meltdown, and support on your journey through the compassion and commiseration of a real-life mom who’s where you are.

You’re Invited to be part of Mom-Dentity™: A game plan for finding the mom God created you to be in the worst, most chaotic, and funniest parts of your life

Discover joy in the chaos of motherhood

(Yes, even when it sucks)

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You don’t have to “love every moment” to love your kids.

Find moments of joy in messy hands, lost shoes, and packed schedules with Mom-Dentity™.

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