What Do You Mean I Broke My Own Rules?

What Do You Mean I Broke My Own Rules?

Rules I broke in 2021-22


  1. Never skip strength day


  1. Count macros 80% of the time


  1. Don’t eat gluten


  1. Finish Mom-Dentity™


  1. Post on social 5x a week



What happened? Oh, a pandemic, online school, travel, a dog and a very strong stance on the rules of social media as of 2020. 


Gosh, looking back I’m disappointed in myself. Some of my own rules weren’t that hard to keep. 


  1. It’s true. We should never skip a strength day. If our goal is to be as fit as possible later in life, we must stay on top of maintaining our lean muscle mass. #GrannyFitin2062. It’s a pretty good rule NOT to break. 


  1. Tracking food when you’re busy with kids and work is hard. Moms, isn’t it just one more thing for us to do? However, small leniencies over time amount to large deficiencies in body aesthetics and performance. At VetteCity CrossFit, our coaches motivate and inspire athletes in their classes to be 1% better than yesterday. We know small fixes over time amount to large gains in the end. So, personally, I know this like I know my children’s names, yet, I quit doing the thing that actually makes me a more positive, motivated, confident person and Mom. Noted. 


  1. C’mon, we know gluten is not good for us. I indulged, for a while. Also noted. 


  1. Finish the thing you said you were going to finish. Me, I didn’t stop writing. I just needed a breather. Evidently a long one. When the world changes so drastically seemingly overnight, It’s hard to remember who we are … and maybe I wanted to forget where I had been. Also, I seem so completely normal and vanilla compared to what’s trending these days, often asking myself is this even relevant? (Yes. Yes it is, vanilla and all)


  1. Jesh, this one is not going to sit well with some of you. But, the negativity I have seen on social over the last two years is appalling. It was such a turn off for me I quit doing it, quit reading it and all but quit completely. This will be the hardest one to return to, as my heart is not here. I love some of you, but I do not love how the algorithm favors some things over others and how people snip at each other over their feeds. We all have opinions, why do we have to share them? And if we don’t like each other’s opinions, why do we have to let others know? Why are we constantly posting with the intention of changing someone’s views? Ugh. Can’t we all just get along? 


I’m not going to come out hot and profess myself back to my old ways. Afterall, the world has changed and so have I. Have you also changed? God promises to transform our minds and hearts, I know he has done big work in me. 


Are you still here? Are long form posts even a thing anymore? Anyway, if you are, I gave myself a margin to become. I may have broken some really good rules and some of them were so natural to me it’s shocking I abandoned them for such a large chunk of time. Perhaps good fruit grows slowly. Perhaps the parable about the vine is applicable today, some things need to be pruned in order for new life to grow. I see growth from breaking off the branches I used to tend meticulously. I’m excited to see where the growth will direct me in the next two years. So, if you’re like me and have changed drastically along with this world in the last two years, don’t be hard on yourself. Instead of looking at the outcome, look at the in between, the margin you created for something else to grow.


John 15:2 “He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be more fruitful.” NIV


Thanks for listening and reading,