The Greatest Definition You Need to Know

Au-then-tic: of undisputed origin, genuine


Anyone out there a word-nerd? Or what about a word genius? (Wenius, thanks maybe I’ll trade mark that word next.) 

I got word nerdy or wenius-y the other day and came up with some goooood stuff. 

You read the short definition of “Authentic,” right? 

Here’s another:

“Be”—to have identity with: to constitute the same idea or object as.

“Be” in Latin (because, again, I’m a word nerd) is defined like this: existence. Being. Essence: the intrinsic nature of indispensable quality of something, especially something abstract that determines character. 

Where am I going with this?

Just. Keep. Reading.


Philosophy (of) “BE” in Latin: A property or group of properties of something without which it would not exist or be what it is. 


This is us! Moms! Our identity as Moms would not exist without the crazy kids, the husband, the dog, house, schedules, virtual school #allthethings. 

Once I found this, I had a different understanding of what “to be” means. At least to me. Usually I think of “to be” as this state of mind I can never really attain, like transcendental meditation. 

However, this philosophical definition hit my heart because it’s what I’m writing about in Mom-Dentity™. We are the integral part in our kids and husbands lives. 





Exhausted though it may be. 


It is ours. 

Moms, in what other world do we get to be the center of everyone’s universe?

Please. I don’t say this in a narcissistic way, I say it in the way the definition is asking us to think about how to “be.” 

Like the sun, we are the source of life. (Yes, thanks be to God, but he did NOT give a man that job.)

Like the sun, they all revolve around us, basking in our warmth and life giving energy. 

Only Moms. Not Dads.

Yes, like the sun, we have to rise every morning. 

Yes, like the sun we must shine no matter what. 

And like the sun, our parts would not exist without us. 

Does this give anyone else the power that it gave me? Talk to me, friends. Did I go too deep? Hit unsubscribe. Just kidding, but if you know, you know and this is why I’m writing Mom-Dentity™. Because Moms run the world. And I thought you should know. 


If you like more character building stuff, I do a podcast with my preacher. We’ve been discussing Paul’s mental toughness as he sits shackled in jail. How does he keep his eyes heavenward? Also, Has anyone ever told you “God won’t give you more than you can handle?”

They should really say, “God will give you this plus more because he wants to see what you’re made of.” #sanctification 

Want to watch? Here are the links. 




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