Ride or Die, Mom-Guilt

Ride or Die, Mom-Guilt

What does Mom-Guilt whisper to you?


Do you remember that song by TLC “No Scrubs?”

“… hanging out the passenger side of my best friend’s ride, trying to holla at me!”


Obviously the song is talking about boy scrubs that are trying to pick up chicks. But EVERY time I get attacked by Mom-Guilt I picture her in the passenger side of my ride trying to holla at me. Just me? I just did an Instagram Reel about it, take a look for a laugh. Or Facebook gander. Or, I’m even on Tik Tok these days. Who knew?


So, let’s laugh at Mom-Guilt! We ALL have her in our minds. (Or passenger seats) But why oh why do we believe her? She makes us second guess ourselves about which school to send our children, bedtime routines and whether or not we should mandate masks at the kitchen table. 


Here’s a piece of Mom-Dentity™ in a section written about Mom-Guilt: 


Alter ego, Mom-Guilt, saw me bobbing up and down like a fishing line that breaks as the fish swims away with the bait. I never actually sunk although I thought I might at any moment. When you’re in that position, you’ll hang on to anything tossed your way, even if it’s lies. 


Endurance will make us better at Motherhood, better at ignoring and reframing what our Mom-Guilt says. We have to remind ourselves of what Satan tries to do as he sneaks in subliminal messages through text, TV, social and whispers in the dark. He prays on those clinging to a sinking bobber, and gives them lies in return for air, less chaos, for the baby to sleep, I don’t know exactly but you can relate, you’re a mom too. And you have also been to the place where you almost sunk.


How have you overcome Mom-Guilt? 

The Podcast with my Preacher is STILL happening! We are catching up this week! We have so much on our lists including humility and how to view our experiences from a heavenly perspective. 


Air hugs,