Recovering from COVID-19

I got the virus. You know the one. 

I am doing just fine and I feel very thankful. It was a mild case for me even though I had symptoms for what I thought was a “long time” probably about 8-10 days. 


Many of you have asked me to share what I’m doing to help in recovery from COVID-19.

I believe in the body’s ability to fight off infection by itself until it cannot and then by all means, we use whatever medication we need to. From this perspective, I am trying to add in more nutrients to my diet, get more rest, exercise, go to the Chiro, acupuncturist, homeopathic treatment and lymphatic cupping. 


Nobody told me to do these things, these are regular treatments I have in my health arsenal. 


I have added into my diet: 

Powdered Beets 


Powdered Greens 

Vitamin C

Vitamin D mini’s

Juice Plus Gummies 



I have continued to CrossFit most days after my symptoms subsided. I am sticking to “moderate” intensity for now and hope to be back at regular levels in 14-21 days. 


If you want to hear my biggest piece of advice: MOVE. You definitely don’t want to move achy muscles or a fatigued body, but I believe in keeping everything as mobile as possible. 


Frequently Asked Questions from Instagram DM: 

“Did you get your kids tested?” No. We just quarantined for 10 days, none of them had symptoms. 

“Will you test again to make sure you are negative?” Probably not. I don’t have a regular 9-5 job that is asking for a negative COVID test. I’ll get an antibody test for fun in the future. 

“Why Beet Powder?” I’m not a doctor but I believe it oxidizes blood, plus it’s a natural “Pre workout” alternative to the crap with the stimulants in it. Powdered because carbs would be through the roof in beet juice. Yes, it tastes terrible. I mix it with BCAA’s. 

“Why “REMAG?” If you want a cumulative effect for magnesium levels, you take this in your water all the time. If you need a quick fix, take Natural Calm. There are hundreds of benefits for taking magnesium, mostly it’s that we are all deficient. For my headaches, the magnesium helped a lot, not immediately, but after my body got adjusted to it again. 


Additional Resources: 


Lymphatic Draining (Immune System Reboot) 

Chiropractic Care 



I hope this helps you, please reach out with additional questions or comments. Stay safe!


More musings soon,