Embracing Failure

Embracing failure.⁠

Am I the only one that thinks colleges should be teaching this to students?⁠

We must expect failure and learn to work through it.⁠

Pummeled is how I felt last week and not because of the election. 🙃⁠

I forgot to drop Hudson off at softball practice with @taylorproc
I forgot Hayden’s shoes at dinner out in public. ⁠
I also forgot Harper’s art class.⁠

I’m sure I forgot a number of other things but these are the three I’m remembering I forgot. (see what I did there?)🤣⁠

Is life moving too fast? ⁠
Am I the only one failing to remember things?⁠

How do YOU remember all the kids activities?⁠

My husband sets reminders in his phone for everything. But, I beg you, what if you’re simply too distracted to set the freaking alarm? 🙋⁠

C’mon fam bam, is it just ME?⁠

Feeling like a Mom-failure I had a small pity party to which my husband asked me if anyone in the family truly cared what I forgot. And he also reminded me I had been making some kick a** dinners. Ever the optimist it *did* make me feel better.⁠

You win some, you lose some and last week, the *score* in my mind was most definitely even, I just momentarily saw it as being on the losing side of all things. ⁠

Well, there’s the bar I have set for you, low as usual, please comment and tell me what you have forgotten lately or better yet how you don’t forget!⁠

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