Building the Empire

“Success is not found in numbers but in the consistency it takes to build the empire.” —Mom-Dentity™




Anyone out there have paper wrapped dreams in the backs of their closets?

What’s a paper wrapped dream?

You know, the ones you write down, silly!

Me? Duh! I used to write myself a letter and stick it in the bottom of my Christmas stocking each year.


Think of it as a time capsule made up of ambition and dreams – a reminder to myself of where I was going.


Big Places. Big dreams. Big expectations. 


One day I quit.


And then I lost who I was.


YEARS later I began writing again and with it, a new ambition, new dream and different expectations.


Have you ever stopped pursuing a passion because of what someone SAID?

I did. I stopped writing because I started believing what others said about my work. The TV business is very subjective! One person could love the stories I’d write and deliver on camera, others would not. 

One day, I got cut from a company I desperately wanted to work for and it silenced my creativity for years. 

I thought I was “done-for.” In a way I was, because my old dreams died.


But, who says our dreams have to stay the same throughout our lives? Who says new dreams can’t be born out of the chaos we live in right this second? Who says we cannot shine even in the most draining season of our lives? 


I’ve always been someone to strive for more … to a fault. In the world of social media, all we have to do is scroll to either:

  1. see that everyone else seems to be reaching their dreams

  1. to learn how to do 100,000 things better


I get it. I love social too. It’s fun. But don’t let it stop you from blooming right where you’re planted, which could be right smack in the middle of raising small children during a pandemic. Or getting your shirt literally pawed off by a nursing baby. Or catching the emotional vomit of your teen. Or sitting at home doing school with your kids over the computer while a client waits on a zoom call.


God is sanctifying us in these hard moments for our time to shine, and our time to shine may be something nobody else ever sees or hears about. The shining moment happens only because of the sanctification it took to build your empire. 


We’re talking HUMILITY on the podcast this week! Perfect for what this email is about, God can reduce us from self-importance with humility. Check it out.