2 Must-Listens!

2 Must-Listens!

I never thought I had bitterness in me until I saw it, literally on the ground. 

Ok fine, it was a snake scurrying into the grass, but it may well have been bitterness that I’d been hiding in my heart for a very long time. Find out how to get rid of bitterness (and anger and malice) in this really good podcast from last week. Link below. 


“See to it that no one falls short of the grace of God and that no bitter root grows up to cause trouble and defile many.” 

Heb. 12:15


Wow I never thought MY bitterness could grow roots and cause trouble or even defile many. Yuck. Who wants to do that? Not me. 


And if I’m such an awful sinner, like Paul who says he is the “chief sinner,” what’s my role in the “church” anyway? Sometimes I think to myself, if I can harbor bitterness in my heart to the point of defiling others or someone that I love, what is my purpose? That’s what we discussed on episode 33 of the GBC podcast. 


Well first of all, that’s satan. Satan loves to lie to us and make us think that since we are sinners, that we are not useful to God. I know the truth, I know that God has something planned for me, he started a good work and will bring it into fruition. In Jesus’ name. 


I’ve always thought that our purpose here on this earth is ruled by the prince of darkness, that we are to be sanctified, you know, to become the highest versions of ourselves. I don’t know why I thought that now, looking back, and thankful that I get to do these podcasts with my preacher to enlighten me. No. My life is so much more than just about me. It’s about more than making sure I walk on a righteous road (says the one with bitterness in her heart.) It’s about more than extending myself for works and calling it serving (says the selfish one.) My life is about more than using spiritual gifts to touch others (says the one that put her “book” on the back burner for a while.) 


We are meant to be the light of the world (Mat 5:14-16).

You don’t have to produce light to be light.

We are called to be a reflection of Christ’s light.

We were made with the word of God in us. Romans 10:8 is an interesting new find to me as it states “The word is near you; it is in your mouth and in your heart.” To me, the scripture suggests God put the words of the Bible in your heart and on your tongue, they’re already there, perhaps at the moment He formed you and me in our mothers womb? We do not know. We just have to access them, by going to Him, all the time. 


If it’s pouring out of us and reflecting off of us, darkness has no choice but to shrink back and away from Jesus’ light. If we are reflecting God’s glory, mercy, righteousness, faithfulness, self control, love, forgiveness—all the things—we, indeed, are performing our life’s duty, 


You gotta listen. And share. 


Thanks for listening and reading,