Happy Thanksgiving!⁠ Happy Birthday HARPER! ⁠

I keep a list of things I’m thankful for in my phone, Kyle wearing funny hats around the house ranks almost number one.⁠

He has also been known to have a new “walk” in which he makes up a dance and exclaims “this is my new walk.” ⁠

It’s probably my favorite thing he does to make us laugh. ⁠

Harper is the best charades player of all time. We NEVER know what she is acting out but it ALWAYS makes us laugh.⁠

And Hudson, with her domineering spirit, will always win, at all costs. It’s just the way it is. ⁠

Does someone in your family make you laugh?⁠

Currently, Hayden the 2 year old is refusing a nap which is super frustrating.⁠

So. I”m counting my blessings. ⁠

Lemme know who makes you laugh! ⁠