The Mom-Dentity™ Identity

The Mom-Dentity Identity


Mom-Dentity™ through Courtney Wise covers a multitude of specialties and expertise on subjects that pertain to motherhood, womanhood, and life coaching. Courtney Wise is a writer, speaker, and the founder of Mom-Dentity™, a game plan for finding the mom God created you to be in the worst, most chaotic, and funniest parts of your life.


Courtney brings her unique blend of professional expertise combined with real-life experience and offers application of faith, humility, and humor to challenging subjects like fertility, infertility, postpartum depression, mental wellness, and parenting.

While motherhood is her true training ground—Courtney has co-owned and coached Crossfit for over ten years. She is an energetic speaker with the ability to inspire and motivate physical movement with words alone. Courtney regularly includes weightlifting, sprinting, and paleo nutrition in her classes.

Her background in fitness has shaped her perspective on motherhood, and the need for a mindset shift for any Mom feeling lost on the journey. Courtney works with moms on a daily basis to remind them that they are more than just mothers—they are fully known, fully loved daughters of God.


Additionally, Courtney has six years of live television, news broadcasting, and journalism experience. She’s worked as a main anchor and reporter at the top TV station in Nashville and held a role for several years as a live cooking television show host for a nationwide grocery store chain. 


Courtney’s favorite part of sharing her skills involved using video, words, and interview skills to tell a compelling story. Today, she uses all her broadcast skills to write entertaining stories that will capture the heart of Moms everywhere. 


Courtney challenges Moms to shift their perspectives with her written words, videos, and podcast through MomDentity.


These subjects include but are not limited to:

  • Parenting
  • Motherhood
  • Fertility
  • Infertility
  • Postpartum Depression
  • Mental Wellness
  • Workouts
  • Weightlifting
  • Sprinting
  • Nutrition
  • Paleo
  • Food
  • Women’s Issues
  • Primal Health
  • Personal Fitness Training

Education Services 

Through online instruction or in-person speaking and seminars 


Entertainment Services

Through multimedia production 

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Through in-person speaking and seminars 


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Through physical and downloadable merchandise


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Pray so hard.

I am no professional.

When I have to pray outloud, my armpits sweat.

Color illuminates my cheeks.

I stammer.

It ends up sounding really hollow.

“God, bless the food. And my family. And can we have world peace? Amen.”

I am serious.

I asked our pastor, Shane, in our recent podcast (number 31!) how he prays when he realllllllllly needs to pray hard.

We’ve talked about prayer posture before.

And we’ve talked about the “Our Father” prayer.

But this time, thank the Lord, we went deeper.

What is a specific strategic prayer and what might it sound like?

  1. Quote the dang Bible ya’ll. That means you actually have to open it up and find a scenario that applies to you. But guess what? Even if you ask God to heal the sick person in your life just like he used Elijah to heal the widows sick (and dead) child, if it isn’t in God’s will you may get a big, fat, hurtful no. (sigh)
  2. Proclaim in Jesus’ name that you believe: blank. Whatever your prayer, be it small or large. Tell God you know He is faithful. Tell God you know He can do it and will do it. Tell God you have seen it before and if you haven’t, remind Him of a time He did it in the Old Testament. God loves to know we are searching His word for comfort and knowledge. When we proclaim His power, He just might have a big surprise for us.
  3. Pray together. For heaven’s sake, don’t be like me. Don’t be afraid to call up a friend, ask them to pray with you and for the love of the Lord just pray out loud. And while you’re at it, remind God what he said! Remind God that he asked us to come in pairs as husband and wife, as neighbors, as friends to pray. He asked us to solidify our belief in prayer together, out loud. Just do it and then put on some more deodorant, because if you’re like me you’re wearing that all natural kind that doesn’t do anything against nervous sweat from praying out loud.
  4. Call up your pastor. Get the oils. Anoint the house if you feel like you’re being attacked. Anoint your kids clothes if you feel like they need protection . Anoint the sick. The Bible says so. So does Shane, take a listen! (see links above)

Friends, I know it’s been a long while. Without getting into negative things that you can read on your social media feeds all day long, the truth is, I had an epiphany and a change of heart and to be 100% honest, I’m not sure what I am doing. I don’t know where Mom-DentityTM is going. I will continue to finish the book as God finishes a work in me. After that, I don’t know how widely publicized it will be because I vow to remain authentic, which means I refuse to support most social media platforms. I also refuse to take the advise of every single publisher and agent I’ve spoken to and “grow a social media presence in order to sell my book.” That doesn’t sound like something I want to spend my time on. But you know what? God can make a way. I don’t have to do what people here on Earth say I have to do to make something “successful.” So. In the name of Jesus here I am testing the spirit. Go on, God. Show me a way where there is no way. I say the same about our podcast we are so excited to publish each week (with the exception of summertime.) Shane and I come up with some good stuff. But, again, neither of us wants to spend our time growing our audience online when we really want to ask God to make a way. So, will you join me in prayer asking God to make a way in the world for us to get our messages out through other means?


Happy Thanksgiving!⁠ Happy Birthday HARPER! ⁠

I keep a list of things I’m thankful for in my phone, Kyle wearing funny hats around the house ranks almost number one.⁠

He has also been known to have a new “walk” in which he makes up a dance and exclaims “this is my new walk.” ⁠

It’s probably my favorite thing he does to make us laugh. ⁠

Harper is the best charades player of all time. We NEVER know what she is acting out but it ALWAYS makes us laugh.⁠

And Hudson, with her domineering spirit, will always win, at all costs. It’s just the way it is. ⁠

Does someone in your family make you laugh?⁠

Currently, Hayden the 2 year old is refusing a nap which is super frustrating.⁠

So. I”m counting my blessings. ⁠

Lemme know who makes you laugh! ⁠

Embracing Failure

Embracing failure.⁠

Am I the only one that thinks colleges should be teaching this to students?⁠

We must expect failure and learn to work through it.⁠

Pummeled is how I felt last week and not because of the election. 🙃⁠

I forgot to drop Hudson off at softball practice with @taylorproc
I forgot Hayden’s shoes at dinner out in public. ⁠
I also forgot Harper’s art class.⁠

I’m sure I forgot a number of other things but these are the three I’m remembering I forgot. (see what I did there?)🤣⁠

Is life moving too fast? ⁠
Am I the only one failing to remember things?⁠

How do YOU remember all the kids activities?⁠

My husband sets reminders in his phone for everything. But, I beg you, what if you’re simply too distracted to set the freaking alarm? 🙋⁠

C’mon fam bam, is it just ME?⁠

Feeling like a Mom-failure I had a small pity party to which my husband asked me if anyone in the family truly cared what I forgot. And he also reminded me I had been making some kick a** dinners. Ever the optimist it *did* make me feel better.⁠

You win some, you lose some and last week, the *score* in my mind was most definitely even, I just momentarily saw it as being on the losing side of all things. ⁠

Well, there’s the bar I have set for you, low as usual, please comment and tell me what you have forgotten lately or better yet how you don’t forget!⁠